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Why A Farther Room?

A Farther Room publishes engaging works of literature and art that explore big ideas. We value work that ennobles the task of living.

A Farther Room resists a relativism that lurches unwittingly toward a void. We also refuse to assent to any dogma that denies the necessity of both complex analysis and provisional critiques of any tacit order. 

How then square such scruples with the concepts and experience of such phenomena as justice, right, being, life, belonging, meaning. purpose, reason, emotion, nature. good, evil, freedom, necessity, responsibility, duty virtue, vice, beauty, humor, time, or unity? What are ideas for?

We look both to the vast and emerging cultural traditions of humanity, as well as to the present tribes of our planet as they secure new legacies.  

A Farther Room aims to publish one expanding web edition per year and a sampling of other small, hand-made limited edition runs throughout the year. 

From December 15 to January 15, A Farther Room is accepting submissions of 3-6 pages worth of writing (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, hybrid) as well as art for our open reading period. Work will be considered for inclusion in the March 2020 issue, our monthly newsletter and/or for a mini-chapbook series. Currently, we neither charge for submissions nor are we able to pay contributors. Submissions should be emailed as a .docx attachment, along with a bio of 50-150 words to

We aim to respond to all submissions within a month of receiving them. If you have not heard back within that window, kindly feel free to send us a gentle reminder. Submissions sent outside the open reading period or not meeting the abovementioned specifications will not be read.  

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